Who was the Historical Jesus? Did Jesus really exist? An Introduction to Christ Myth Theory

Much of the material on this website concerns my continuing research into Christian traditions and the historical Jesus Christ: who was Jesus, really? Is there any evidence for his existence? What started the Christian movement? Although the debate continues, and it is impossible to “prove” that Jesus never existed, it is fair to say that the vast majority of both Christians and non-believers alike have a picture of Christian beginnings which has no basis in fact, and are grossly under-educated in regards to the true state of circumstance that fed into the development of the Christian movement.

If you’re curious about who Jesus “really was”, how he is related to the tradition of Christianity, and whether it is possible that Jesus was partially or fully mythical, please check out the following 15 part series on the Mythical Jesus Christ (which for simplicity I’ve also made into a PDF). It’s designed as an introduction to “Christ Myth Theory” and addresses some of the criticisms against my earlier book, Dead Little Fish: The Accidental History of Jesus Christ, which I’m also now giving away for free.

Below you’ll also find links to some of my more recent articles as well, much of which was background for my latest book, Jesus Potter Harry Christ.

To Recap: If you’re looking for a quick, easy guide to “get your feet wet” – grab Dead Little Fish. If you want the most exhaustive, fascinating argument against the historical Jesus Christ ever written, get your hands on Jesus Potter Harry Christ (click here to download the first four chapters for free).

The following web articles – a 15 part series – were the evolutionary step between them.

An Introduction to Christ-Myth Theory

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The Historical Jesus: An Introduction to Christ Myth Theory

You should also check out the very long post “Who was the historical Jesus and Why does he matter?”.

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Popular Articles about the Historical-Mythical Jesus Christ

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  • Mike Bull

    Hi Derek – you’ve got courage and a brilliant mind, but a modernistic mindset blinds us to ancient literature. I’ve found this book is smarter than we are, and our minimalistic approach cuts it up into bits instead of analyzing processes. Besides this, we don’t think visually, which is a must, and we are ignorant of many of their literary conventions. After some research, I found the Bible is a fractal, so there’s no way it is simply the product of human minds. Once its structure is identified, you can see the shape of the entire work prefigured in the first chapter. There is a multi-layered consistent method in its apparent madness.

    If you’re interested, I have two books and am working on some videos about the basic tools.
    No pressure.

    Mike Bull

    • http://www.holyblasphemy.net Derek Murphy

      Thanks Mike; I have read some things about the underlying order of the bible, embedded codes that can only be read by computers, amazing and deliberate organization of content – that’s pretty fascinating stuff; still it’s far easier for me to believe that either the Alexandrian scribes writing it were perversely awesome, or that aliens did it, than to believe it was created by God (as in a being completely outside of nature somehow that still interacts with it and us).

      Interestingly, if there is a hidden meaning behind the text (which I think there probably is, but I would attribute it to esoteric spirituality of mystery cult traditions) then all of the surface stuff is just fables for the weak minded and should be readily discarded. You’ve got some great stuff on your site, keep it up!

      • Mike Bull

        Thanks for the reply Derek.

        No, this isn’t hidden codes. I am familiar with those and think a lot of it is simply chance. This is the structure of ideas in the actual text and history. The best example I can think of to illustrate this would be that the structures begun “microcosmically” in the Torah are not complete without the New Testament. For those patterns to be fulfilled in the complete body of the literature, there had to be a Jesus who did what He did, said what He said, which brought an end to the Old Covenant (and true Judaism) and gave us this current age. This is certainly not a factor any Jewish scribe or esoteric would dream up. Another example would be the death of Moses before the conquest of Jericho. The entire Bible follows the same pattern (fractally), which supports the view that the New Testament was completed before the destruction of Jerusalem. When these things are diagrammed (which is not hard to do, despite how complex it might sound), we can see a cyclic structure to the whole (and throughout the whole) that was begin in Genesis 1. As I said, the book is a fractal. There is no way it could have been planned early on or faked later on as it depends on actual history (stuff we can actually prove, such as the Jewish War and destruction of the Temple) for its completion.

        I’ve got a few more videos online now if you want to check it out. Even from a literary standpoint it is extremely interesting.