Hello and welcome to my site. I’m Derek Murphy, bestselling author of the infamous “Jesus Potter Harry Christ.” However while I was once obsessed with historical Jesus research, I’ve become much less so.

Now I’m fascinated by revolutionary heroes and the moral shifting of traditionally “evil” characters into contemporary champions. I’m working on my PhD and writing a book about it, centering around the literary version of Satan in Milton’s Paradise Lost. I’ve added some notes and material on this page: www.satanismyhero.com


I’m also putting together something a little lighter and shorter, kind of a crash course to self-improvement without so much spiritual pixie dust. Hopefully it will be a fun read.


I don’t actively manage this site however, and it may be awhile (months, if not years) before I finish these books. I would love to send you a copy if you’re interested in them, in the hopes of winning a fair review once they launch (no obligations).

Like many academic/research books, these won’t have a big marketing funnel behind them and I don’t have a huge platform. I could really use your support. (That said, my full-time job is in book design and author marketing, so I have some significant resources at my disposal).

If you sign up I’ll also give you a copy of Jesus Potter Harry Christ. After that I’ll mostly leave you alone until my books are ready.

Derek Murphy

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PS) Feel free to browse the site as well.