6 ways Jesus is like the Easter bunny: Where Easter comes from and what it’s got to do with Christianity

What are your Easter celebration plans for Sunday, April 24th? Will you go to a church service? Will you paint and decorate Easter eggs? Aren’t you curious about where Easter comes from, or how we went from the resurrection of Jesus to a magical, chocolate egg-bearing rabbit?

The relationship is actually not as dissimilar as it first seems; in ancient times people would decorate, hide and find eggs which represented the body of vegetative gods like Osiris, Dionysus, Attis and Mithras. Finding the eggs represented the return of the gods, who had died in the world, and the return of warmer weather. Eggs were seen as magical forms of life-creation. The rabbit symbolized fecundity and regeneration.

While a good Christian may not be comfortable associating Jesus with the Easter Bunny, just for fun I thought I’d post a list of potential similarities.

6 ways Jesus is like the Easter bunny

1) both usually dress in white

2) both are always travelling, bringing blessings/eggs

3) both come out of a hole sometime in Spring, for the good of all

4) both are immortal (have been around for hundreds of years)

5) both are invisible (you know they came, but you’ll never see them)

6) both rabbit and Jesus taste good with wine


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