Afraid of your phone?

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We don’t pick up the phone in our family. We ignore all the ringing and only call back our friends – who, we assume, will leave a message. Sometimes we get the feeling that it’s a real call and pick up, but if there’s more than a second of pause (we know this means the telemarketer is collecting their notes) then we hang up again quickly.

If we get caught in an actual conversation – telemarketers start speaking quickly and keep going without taking breaths to they won’t be interrupted, we lie and say nobody (or whoever they are looking for) isn’t here. Wait time is best to reach them? Um…in the evenings. Can I try and reach later? Um…OK.

Which, I’ll admit is stupid, but we are a polite family and we know telemarketers are just with a job to do. But holy cow! That just means they keep calling, and we get more and more upset whenever the phone rings, which is all the time!

What kind of crazy idiot developed the idea for telemarketing anyway? The sucess rates must be abysmal. What kind of idiotic companies are still using this ridiculous technique and – how can we get off their lists?