Bible archaeologists discover tablet that refutes Jesus’ resurrection

Did Jesus Christ really resurrect from the grave after three days? Probably not, it turns out. In 2008 archaeologists found a stone tablet that tells of a Jewish rebel hero who died and came back to life after three days. Jesus? No! His name was Simon, and he lived decades before Jesus. What we learn from this is that the Jews already had a template of the messiah that they expected, and they began applying this template to every possible redeemer/Messiah figure. It is possible that Jesus was a historical person that had this same template applied to him… but it’s also possible that the story itself continued to be told, and the “historical” person wasn’t very important.

Regardless, the evidence clearly suggests that Jesus never actually resurrected and came back after three days (a claim upon which the entire foundation of Christian tradition rests).

What do you think? Watch the video and leave your comments below!

  • Chris McLaughlin

    If you want to see the most unscientific research ever, watch the documentary. It’s like one of those “Is There Really Bigfoot/Space Aliens/Ghosts?” documentaries that clutters up TLC, The History Channel,  and The Discovery Channel; all innuendo and ignoring contradicting evidence. When I got to the part where they found discolored bricks in Herod’s palace, I couldn’t watch any more.

    • Derek Murphy

      I totally agree – they play that crap all the time. Funny that you compare the “was there really a Jesus” episodes to the “Is there really a bigfoot” etc. Lots of speculation, weak ties to archaeology, very little evidence. Makes for good TV I guess… a little while ago they found the “real Goliath” or something like that, because they found a very tall man somewhere over there.

  • Carolina Muller

    How the existence of Simon of Peraea know from the year 2000 deny the ressurection of Jesus Christ?