Bill Maher on Gadhafi: Does Islam have homosexuality issues?

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Take the two most sensitive conversational topics in the world – religion and sexuality – and throw them together. Not an easy topic to discuss, but as Bill Maher pointed out in a recent interview, doesn’t the fact that as soon as they caught Libyan dictator Gadhafi, they stuck something up his ass, say something about sexuality in that culture?

The other panelists say “Well, they do really violent things to all tyrants” (Mussolini got hung with piano wire) or “Sticking things up asses is just something we brothers do to each other” (a policeman did it with a baton to a black guy awhile back.)

Are people in Islam gay? I don’t think so (if only because homosexuals are usually a lot nicer than Islamics). Does the misogyny in Islam, the separation from women, and forcing men to only be with each all the time, create a frustrated sexual environment that finds release in violent homosexual acts? Now we’re closer to the truth.

Violence isn’t a gay thing; and homosexuality is not an Islamic thing. Violent displays of any kind of sexuality – both hetero and homo – seem to emerge most were sexuality is prohibited and taboo. Hence, sexual deviancy is most often associated with all forms of religious practice!