Custom Satanic Superhero Action Figure – 3D printing or China Outsource?

Something I’m excited to do for my next book is a make a 3D action figure/collectible.

My book basically ties contemporary superheroes to a tradition of revolutionaries that started with Prometheus and was given definitive shape in the heroic Satan of Milton’s Paradise Lost.

Nearly every modern value – from free speech, human rights, civil liberties, racial and gender equality – my book argues, stemmed almost directly from the influence of Milton’s Satan on political rebels and thought leaders.

Our society is Satanic, and that’s a good thing

Giving away a book is a little boring, so I want to make a collectible toy as a giveaway for book promotion. Definitely cooler and more newsworthy.

The trick is making it.

I’ve already commissioned a talented sculpture artist to make a prototype.

Now all I need is someone to make a few hundred of them.

What I’m looking for

The cover I’ll probably go with it this one:

Because it’s simple, shocking and funny. It’s more likely to make people stop and go WTF?! – which is always a good thing.

But I’m not sure if people would get as excited about just a cheap funny toy.

I love the sculpture below of Scott Eaton. It’s moving and powerful. There’s passion and emotion in it.

The image on the right is a Lucifer sculpture by “Hellfurian”, an artist from Chicago. So I know he has the skills.

I think a mix of all of these, maybe with Satan breaking out of chains like in the superman picture above, would be a winner. It should signify struggle, rebellion, fierce self-governance and will-power, and the refusal to be intimidated or restrained.

Production and Packaging

Ideally, it would come packaged like this Jesus action figure:

That way I could sell it as a standalone product, or even get it into stores like Urban Outfitters.

I don’t have much experience with 3D printers but I know that they’d be capable of doing something like this; but to get the whole deal with packaging, I’ll probably outsource to China, then maybe Kickstart the project for funds.

If you have any tips of info about this type of project, please let me know. Otherwise, I’ll post updates as things pan out.

What do you think? What kind of Satan Action Figure would you want to have?