Doesn’t God Deserve a Christmas gift?

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-God’s Blog-

Today I woke up and had a brilliant mocha and pastry. It was so delicious. Then I spent the afternoon in my recliner. I stormed up a misty, wet sky. I caused the leaves to reflect the muted light of the sun and the bright orange leaves to stand out vibrantly against the gray sky. I made the temperature drop so that lovers could see each others’ breath in the air and huddle close for warmth. Yes, it was a perfect day. Tomorrow maybe I’ll make some ice or frost. Winter is my favorite season.

Oh, by the way, I didn’t get any Christmas gifts this year. I know I know – I’ve said before I don’t need any, and of course I don’t after all. But I did give you guys Jesus, my only son on Christmas. Some of you still go to Church, and that’s nice, or even donate to charities and I appreciate that. But back in the Old Days, somebody would buy something just for me, and then give it to me. They’d burn it up… well, OK, so I didn’t exactly get it, but they and nobody else would get it either, so it’s really the thought that counted.

Yes, it’s actually a waste, and it could be used to feed the poor. I can see that. Still; it doesn’t have to be much. It doesn’t even have to be cattle. Make me a card. Give me flowers. Do something more than pray for yourselves or your family. Why doesn’t anybody say “God Bless God”.

Oh well, nevermind. I guess I just get nostalgic or moody around Christmas like everybody else. Life is never as good as it was when you were a kid and could just look forward to getting presents without worrying about buying any. (And I never even had that.)

Still, I have New Year’s to look forward to and that’s a busy time for me; all those New Year’s Resolutions! A lot of you will be saying “God give me the strength to…” (do or don’t do whatever it is you’re trying to start or give up.)

Anyway, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the big guy upstairs~!