Dominion TV Series: The AntiChrist is the Hero in the War on Heaven

25 years ago, God disappeared. Some angels blamed humans, and led by Gabriel, they waged a war against the humans. Other, higher angels, led by Michael, decided to protect the humans. A child is born, with markings on his body, who will grow up to become the savior of the human race and lead mankind out of darkness.

Followers of the faith “continue to believe that the chosen one, our savior will reveal himself to us.”

The main character, Alex, is a rebel (secretly in a relationship with the leader’s daughter). Michael and the leadership are authoritarian. “Someday,” Alex says, “We’re going to live in a place where there aren’t any numbers. Where we aren’t told what to do, where to sleep and whom to marry. One day… we’re going to be free.”

Here’s the funny thing – the TV series, along with the screenplay “Legion” that it’s based on, appears to be a remake of basic Christian mythology; as such it should be a cool show for Christians to enjoy.

But the call for ‘FREEDOM’ against authority has never been the Christian war cry; the quest for freedom is part of the Satanic tradition – a liberal philosophy first set out openly in the moral duplicity of Milton’s Paradise Lost, where it could be voiced without fear of retribution because it was put into the mouth of Milton’s Satan (whom everyone assumed was untrustworthy).

But there the speeches festered, inspiring seekers and writers to explore the words and turn away from traditional religious values to explore humanistic principles of equality, democracy, civil rights and self-determination.

In the traditional eschatology of Christian mythology (found in Revelations) God will come back and lead an army of angels against mankind; he will destroy humanity with fire, poison, flaming swords, acid rain, horrible plagues.

GOD will do this.

The only “Savior” to stand up and fight against God, leading the armies of men against the angels is the antichrist.

That’s the only future the Bible allows us to expect. Like Alex, the AC is identified by special markings on his bodies. In the Biblical version, God and the angels will prevail, slaughter all the humans and destroy the antichrist and his armies of men.

But of course that future would make for horrible TV – because the majority of us, even the Christians, couldn’t stomach this kind of genocide. There are no human heroes in the biblical story of the end of the world.

So instead we get Dominion. God (and with him, Satan) have disappeared entirely, removing the obvious morality of Good vs. Evil.

In their places we get Gabriel, intent on destroying mankind, and Michael, who aims to protect them.

Gabriel’s “lower angels” look exactly like the demons we’ve come to expect: ugly, possessed, gnarling, sweaty, angry, but surprisingly agile and nimble.

Gabriel is shown in darkness on his dark throne in his mountain top castle, replacing Lucifer as “the bad guy.” All of his followers wear theatrical black capes to show they are “evil.”

Gabriel has a handful of “higher angels” working for him as well.

At the end of the pilot episode, Alex has gained a mysterious new power for prophecy, as the magical tattoos that cling to his body reveal secret messages he alone can read.

Since the episode follows the basic “hero’s journey” plot pretty closely, and because Alex is blond with blue eyes and his enemies are darker with dark eyes, we can assume that Alex is the good guy (don’t blame me for the continuing racism portrayed in movies and TV shows, where the heroes are Caucasian).

But despite it’s adherence to biblical mythology, Dominion is the exact opposite of the story of Revelations.

Probably God will show up somewhere and lead Alex into saving humanity from the “bad angels” – and the human race will be saved. But that’s a Satanic wish-fulfillment. For Christian religion to have any veracity, for Jesus’ sacrifice to have any power and meaning, the story must conclude the way it’s set out in the Bible. The world must end. All must be judged.

If God changes his mind and helps a human savior redeem humanity instead of ending the world, then the last 2000 years of Christan faith have been categorically false – God would be unproving Christianity.

For non-Christians (or modern Christians with humanist tendencies who aren’t eager for God to destroy humanity) a show like Dominion makes some sense. Of course the angels are the bad guys, no matter which side God is on they must be resisted.

For Christians, the show can only be interpreted is flat out, dogma-refuting blasphemy of the highest order, brain-washing watchers to fight against the armies of God when they come to destroy the world.





  • Pavel Tsvetkov

    I can only agree with you: the show is a tasteless and utterly awful brainwashing anti-christ gibberish, and the problem is that there are a lot of people around that would not know better. So they made a bad movie a couple of years ago (rated 5/10 on imdb), and now they have decided to follow that up with an equally bad TV series. Hollywood crap.

    • Philson

      A relatively ignorant comment. Running with the general idea of a story does not automatically place it in the same threshold as the original. There are good movies with bad remakes and bad movies with good remakes. There are good movies based on famous mythologies and terrible ones. It’s really how the story is told. And so far this show has me captivated. If you are watching this show with a moral standard to uphold then you are not the target audience. This is an interesting interpretation on a global idea that no one can ever be certain of. And so far – I’m entertained. That is literally the only stake at hand and the only thing that should be judged. No one cares what Pavel Tsvetkov considers tasteless. I can’t stress that enough. They either care about the characters at hand, or don’t, based on the story lines, directing and acting. That is all.

    • Emily Jesse

      The battle of gog and magog where the holy ones are surrounded. Pretty accurate representation in the show. Take away the filler stuff sex, violence, lies, etc. you have a great discussion on theology. Besides the bible is filled with sex, violence, lies, etc.

      Song of solomon, Ecclesiastes, the entire old testament really. The point is humanity’s struggle God’s mercy as people try to better themselves, we may fail a thousand times but keep getting up in God’s grace. Jesus taught that. Important parts of the bible.

      10 commandments are written that God etched those laws himself. All the other rules in Genesis, Deuteronomy, never specifically say God specifically stated them.

      10 commandments and words of Jesus and Ecclesiastes (great summary on life as King Solomon struggled to find the meaning of life) are the key parts of the bible. All others parts of the bible are mankind’s struggle. Not all views are perfect. Christians eat bacon based on a dream Peter had, which was a representation of of reality. Or All things are permissible not all things are beneficial. Christians love to hammer a few of the laws they love. But you need to accept the WHOLE law. No bacon, respect the Sabbath, no shellfish, in fact technically be Orthodox Jews and Vegans as God intended. Picking and choosing which laws you follow is the true blasphemy. Can’t say some are cultural yet others are Devine. It is either ALL are Devine and which case 99% of Christians are equally as evil as “homosexuals.” Or it was cultural and the greater message which Jesus preached prevails. Can’t have it both ways. Best part of Ecclesiastes is it bridges that gap.

    • Danny Tracy

      Entertainment people!!!

  • IndigoVoice82

    Maybe, I am an optimist, but I have found some beautiful “God-full” moments so far in the show. You see, while the angels bicker with humans on earth, some type of judgement will be done later in the series…my intuition leans me towards this way because I have heard some foreshadowing quotes such as Gabriel assumption saying that God has left humanity-it’s what many people say today. However, I feel that the show is highlighting this part so much, because the opposite will be discovered later-just as in reality on earth. I believe that God is always reflective and loving towards us allowing our own growth and triumph of the spirit. God is not a tyrant. Free will is a beautiful and loving gift to allow us to grow spiritually on our own to our created potential as loving, pure beings. No God has not left us, and this show will prove it-I have faith.

  • Elfa

    ” turn away from traditional religious values to explore humanistic principles of equality, democracy, civil rights and self-determination.”

    Does this mean that the principles of America itself are non-Christian principles?

  • Firestar Smith

    I’m really disappointed at the lack of research and education in this article. For starters, the name of the book you reference is Revelation (singular), not Revelations (plural). This book was written in a particular style that in actuality is a letter of comfort to persecuted Christians in Rome, in order to help bolster them through dark times, and referenced Caesar. Any basic religion class in any Christian University will give you that much information. The book of Revelation was not a dire prediction of the future, and to take this show as anything but a work of fiction comprised of references to Paradise Lost, another work of fiction, and which is made completely for entertainment is absolutely ridiculous.

    • Philson


  • shots

    It is a. TV show… a work of fiction…. get over it Christians

    • Emily Jesse

      Lol you missed it. Christians are not upset with the show and it doesn’t really conflict either. I am sure some of the more fundamentalist dislike the sex, violence, etc. however this article is misrepresenting christian views and the article is being intentionally misleading, of course anyone working on a thesis or dissertation is desperate to prove their view and will ignore other possibilities.

      Christians like myself and many others enjoy the show as fiction. You missed the sarcasm intent of the article. In fact comparing Alex to the Anti Christ is premature and not likely a good parallel. The book of revelations talks of a final battle. Where men are on BOTH sides of the war of good and evil.

      So many possibilities about the future, but writing an article strictly for sarcasm purposes cloaking it in phony research missing the diverse views in Christianity and saying NOTHING is reconcilable between the great fiction of the show and movie and actual bible is just false.

      Once again plenty of Christians like the show, Derek Murphy is just horribly stereotyping a large group of people. He has to do it since his dissertation is flawed.

  • Emily Jesse

    PHD thesis fail. The show is good vs evil and in the bible there was a war of good angels vs bad angels where lucifer and his angels (demons) were cast out.

    The end of revelations talks about a massive battle same deal which incorporates men on both sides. Traditionally viewed post rapture. Show is pretty intriguing great plot twists, decent cast too.

  • DJM

    No…this is not a Christian TV show…Michael was fornicating with all those women. The bible does not support that. Our Lord and Savior Yeshua did not have tatoos that had hidden meaning either. How did Gabriel become a bad angel?

    • Anna

      My thoughts exactly.this show was designed to corrupt the minds of those who do not understand the bible. Lucifer is the cheif enemy of God why isnt he depicted in this movie?

      • phantom stranger

        You cant be serious lmao!!

        • Alvin Williams

          If you don’t believe in In the story the bible as non fiction and are not Christians, then your debate on the subject of this article is void. This commentary is not for you. You will only dispute the author’s faith. That’s like telling a Christian not to be a Christian. That’s as productive as a Christian telling an Atheist to believe in God on an Athiest article. Useless. No this article is a warning to Those who believe not to be fooled and for them to discern, or question the article. As for nonbelievers, it’s only your egos and loathing of Christians that make you waste your time commenting in the 1st place. Your comments will not bring a Christian any closer to your view of self liberation.

    • Tim Murphy

      Thus the term fiction.

    • Daniel Helms

      Actually the angels slept with women all the time in the Old Testament creating “giants”. The bible also discusses other wars between the angels besides Lucifers in regards to humanity’s placement.

      • Anon

        Actually it was not angels as in the ones in heaven it was the fallen angels as in the ones who rebelled against God who did the “fornicating” with women. So if you are going to reference that at least do it correctly.

        • Danny Tracy

          The whole holy bible thing is also a work of fiction. Check out this very interesting guy on youtube called Santos Bonacci. He will really have you questioning everything.

  • Syfyrules

    This is Syfy people meaning science fiction << fiction get it?
    So stop shittin yourself thinking its some kindof brainwashing and just enjoy it for what it is or simply don't watch.
    Not everything in this world will be made to your liking.
    Some people are really too spoiled I swear.

  • Tina

    let your holy spirit discern what the intention of the show is, than take action on what you receive.I watched ep 1-2 its intriguing BUT as a christian my heart started bounding and immediately i felt overwhelmed with me questioning the bible and my faith. At that moment i knew it wasn’t coming from a good place. Shows/movies/fiction all have an intention or deeper concept and meaning than what we think. Sooo as for me I had to stop watching it and decided i need to read my bible more.

    • Danny Tracy

      For me life is about being open minded. Everyone has an opinion. For you saying you had to stop watching because you were questioning is just plain crazy. TV is entertainment. If you let fiction get in the way of your beliefs then you really didn’t have any faith to begin with.

  • The Watcher

    I find it absolutely hilarious when people who supposedly hold faith so dear show absolutely none for their supposedly all powerful and all knowing diety. You people talk soo much about having faith in “him”. Yet freak out at every turn, finding threatening conspiracies in every freaking thing. You’d think if you actually had faith, you wouldn’t act like a spaz every chance you get.