Free Book! Dead Little Fish

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Curious about the historical Jesus? Interested in history? Download this free book now!

I’ve decided to give away my 2006 book, “Dead Little Fish: The Accidental History of Jesus Christ”. Over 200 pages of historical research and pictures, you’ll learn fascinating trivia like:

  • Harry Potter, Jesus Christ, and the Lion King are based on sun worship
  • Snow White and Sleeping Beauty are remnants of mystery cult ideology
  • Why the snake is a symbol of evil
  • The lamb and cross are astrological symbols
  • Exactly how Paul’s communities turned against him and began to consider Jesus as historical

Dead Little Fish is my first attempt at making a complete investigation into the historical Jesus. Although amateurish, and definitely open to criticism, nevertheless it’s a damn good book – presenting thrilling information and evidence, and making many innovative connections that have simply never explored before. As a light introduction for people with little background into research into the historical Jesus Christ, Dead Little Fish is a good read. A recent reader comments:

I’ve just finished your book ‘Dead Little Fish’.. and… it is amazing!!! It totally and utterly follows on the Freke book ‘The Jesus Mysteries’ perhaps even better from where I’m standing at my own centre. I’m learning more and exploring my own research involving the Zodiac Wheel.. although it is a little ‘stranger’ or ‘different’ that most approaches – using the constellations and their symbolism, combining it with Campbell, Alchemy, the Mystical Christianity of Evelyn Underhill, Paganism and UPG.. it is totally helping me move along the path. Thanks so much. I am a HUGE fan!!! xx A

What do you think about it? Download Dead Little Fish Now and submit a comment or review when you finish!

You can also download my 50,000 word treatise on the historical Jesus and Christ Myth Theory, dealing with Christian history, the mystical significance of Christian symbols, and the mistaken belief that Jesus Christ was a historical person. While similar to Dead Little Fish, it is expanded, reorganized and offers some new evidence. You can download it by clicking here!

(These files are really large – you’ll have to click the link and then wait several minutes before the PDF comes up; then you can save it.)

I’m getting closer to putting together a much more solid, interesting, heavily researched and much less zealous account of Christian beginnings, which I’ll publish soon – probably under the title “Jesus Potter, Harry Christ”.