God hates McDonalds: Should Christians be Vegetarians?

Seventh-Day Adventists in Loma Linda, California, are in a fight against fast food chain McDonalds. The reason: 50% of the town practices a form of Christianity that endorses a clean, healthy and vegetarian diet. In their defense, the town has statistically higher health than many places in the world. The conflict: should they be allowed to prohibit the other 50% of the people from eating garbage?

The “opposition” chosen to represent the heathens is a fat, batman-hat wearing guy who says “If you don’t want to be healthy, don’t be, if you want to be healthy, be healthy.” People should be allowed to choose unhealthy, health-harming (and by extension, ecosystem/economy destroying) practices.

But why? Spiritual traditions around the world, including Christianity, more or less agree that vegetarianism is better for ourselves and the world; it also seems to make people more relaxed, aware, and peaceful. I’m not vegetarian – but mostly because I eat whatever is cheap and convenient.
What would the world look like if the government took steps to ensure that what was available was also what was healthiest? What if they prevented huge corporations from using their resources to dominate the food growth, preparation and consumption market?

I’m pretty sure I don’t agree with the 7th Day Adventists from a legal perspective (in fact they are sure to lose) but I also feel that Western Civilization’s defense of malignant lifestyle practices is doomed to epic failure; humanity is a cancer that has been given free reign to grow however it wants, destroying whatever came before, ignoring “natural” laws of maintenance – all under the protection of “free will” (the ultimate corporation slogan!)

Other interesting bits in the video – The first McDonalds anywhere was about 5 miles out of Loma Linda! Also, there is already a Carl’s Jr. in town (who was asleep at the wheel when that happened?)

Watch the video below: