Greeks are stupid: ethical responsibility of the Greek riot, bailout and economy

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(Satan’s Journal)

You may think its strange for me, Satan, to be writing about ‘ethical responsibility.’ You probably think ethics and responsibility are good, holy, sanctified, godly things, and that simple pleasures, frolicking sexual activity and self-pleasing activity is more my thing. You’ve got it all wrong. Yes, I believe you can and should do whatever you feel like, that there shouldn’t be ‘punishment’ for actions nor things that you ‘should’ or ‘shouldn’t’ do. But that doesn’t mean I’m blind to the natural laws of cause and effect.

You can do whatever you want – if you recognize and are ready to face the consequences of your actions! If you spit straight up in the air, don’t complain if it comes back to hit you in the face. If you poop in your living room, don’t complain about the smell. Ethical responsibility is about being smart enough to know what you want, what you don’t want, and being empowered enough to make the proper choices to realize your desire. Yes – it takes a certain amount of common sense, logic, foresight, and intelligence to do this. But I’ve always been the intelligent one, haven’t I? Who was right about the tree and the apple, huh?

Now this may come as a shock, but God knows nothing about ‘logical consequence’ or ‘natural law’. He just goes around doing whatever the heck he feels like, without any common sense at all. An eternity of hell for a few years sinning? Sending his son to save Europe and America but not Asia? There’s no logic to that. God’s ethics involve a) feeling bad about stuff you didn’t do or couldn’t help b) feeling bad about your natures needs and desires c) putting other people before yourself d) atoning for the bad things you did in random, totally non-connected methods like prayer, fasting, or self-torture – rather than actually doing things that can solve/fix the problems, like apologizing to the people you hurt.

At any rate, take my word for the fact that when it comes to logical consequences and purposeful living, I’m your guy.

With that said: in the news recently is all this stuff about Greece. It’s kind of funny. The whole entire country is bankrupt. They’re broke. There’s no money. If the world recognizes that the economic environment of the last several decades has led to most countries being in deficit and owing each other money, and that the whole world is basically in the red, there will be panic. Our thriving financial sectors, based on consumer over-spending, credit and joy purchases, will crumble. We can’t let that happen! Just as America has recently ‘bailed out’ its banks, airlines and auto industries (rather than letting old, dated technologies subside and preparing new, better, smarter ways of doing things), Europe and the world is prepared to bail Greece out. The International Monetary Fund and the other 15 European Union countries that use the euro as their currency, are ready to give Greece a package of rescue loans equaling euro110 billion ($142.16 billion).

Lucky Greece. But are they happy? Heck no! These loans come with a price: Greece must reduce its spending, get out of the red, grow up and make smarter financial decisions.

The new government cutbacks, which slash salaries and pensions for civil servants and hike consumer taxes, are being imposed as condition of getting a euro110 billion ($142.16 billion) package of rescue loans from the International Monetary Fund and the other 15 European Union countries that use the euro as their currency. (

Greece, with a history of violent riots, responded with a 100,000 person march that lead to the burning of a bank and the death of 3 people. The riot took to the streets during a nationwide general strike that grounded flights, shut all services and pulled news broadcasts off the air.

Hundreds of demonstrators ā€” including far right wing supporters ā€” broke away from the marches and tried to storm parliament, shouting “thieves, traitors.” At the opposite end of the political spectrum, groups of anarchists hurled Molotov cocktails and ripped-up paving stones at buildings and police, who responded with barrages of tear gas.

Come’on, are you serious? Ok, life sucks. Life is shitty. Greece’s economy is in the toilet and your taxes go up and your wages go down and you’re pissed off. You want to do something about it. So what’s a smart, responsible thing to do? Look for a better job. Move to a different country. How will throwing stones and burning buildings help your situation? OK, I’m all for anarchy – if it is better than a corrupt government. The French people, after their mighty revolution against tyranny, probably did improve the quality of their lives. As did the Americans when throwing off the British tax yolk.

So what is Greece trying to throw off? Freeing itself from itself? Getting rid of the Greek government in favor of – what? UN control? Become a part of Germany? Seriously, what would happen if they did go bankrupt?

My point is just that rioting is a senseless, emotionally violent act that hurt no-one more than themselves – it was stupid. Ergo Greeks are stupid. People in general, pretty much everywhere, are stupid, too. Don’t think I don’t recognize that this is where the world is heading – that without viable alternatives, the US economy will also crash, and people there will immediately turn from good citizens into angry, thieving vandals, capable of rape, pillage and murder.

But I will stress one more time: rape, pillage and murder is GODLY, not satanic – because cultures always use religion and God to justify their actions. The Jews were TOLD to go into the ‘holy land’ and destroy every village and settlement that they found there, and kill men, women and children. Europeans were GUIDED by God to spread over America, terrorizing every ingenious people they found. Ironically, religion has always been used by the technologically advanced, conquering society (and also by the conquered at the same time – such as the black slaves in the American colonized that prized the biblical virtues of obedience, meekness, frailty and weakness).

My advice? None – except that logic, reason, education, and smart, responsible choices are much more likely to get you what you want than throwing a silly emotional tantrum and taking to the streets.

Unless you’re dealing with an irrational, intolerant, unreasonably powerful tyrant whose determined to keep you down and punish you arbitrarily with unjust severance – such as God. In that case, revolution is truly necessary.