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If you’re looking for a late-summer read, check out the book “Jesus Potter Harry Christ.” It claims that both Harry and Jesus are spiritual metaphors told in the literary form of historical fiction. The paperback is selling well on amazon, but we’d like to print hardcover copies – so we’ve set up a page on where you can get a better deal and some great freebies by supporting the project. Thanks!

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PS) Here are some of the reviews:
“For those whose minds can ask questions freely without the enforcement of dogma, Derek Murphy raises a genuine argument which Christian apologists have no answers to besides merely repeating their dogmatic convictions in the hope that re-asserting the dogma will confirm it as truth.” –John Thomas Didymus,

“Whether or not one agrees with Murphy’s ultimate position, and whether or not one agrees with his arguments that Jesus was entirely (rather than mostly) mythic, Jesus Potter Harry Christ is well worth wading through, and wade through it one must, simply because of the sheer mass and volume of evidence the author provides. Make this a book whose pages you dog-ear for further reference and second readings.” –Tim Callahan, Skeptic magazine’s religion editor and author of the books “Bible Prophecy” and “The Secret Origins of the Bible”

“Maybe you’ve read works by Freke, Doherty, and Harpur. While I don’t want to take anything away from those researchers–their books are interesting in their own right–I found Murphy’s tempered treatment much more to my taste. Without trying to foist a Gnostic version of Christianity on me, and without succumbing to overzealous scholarship, Murphy gently yet forcefully introduces the strong similarities between Christianity and other first-century religious philosophies and mystery cults, concluding in the strong likelihood that Jesus was a mythical savior.” –Lee Harmon, author of “Revelation: The Way it Happened”

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