Is Donald Trump the antichrist?

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It’s been years since I stopped obsessing about religious history and started writing young adult fiction instead, but a book came across my desk today that caught my interest.

It’s called Rise of Little Horn, and it’s about whether Donald Trump is the antichrist.

trump is antichrist

I actually think the author’s ominous one-page website for Rise of the Little Horn is pretty cool, and similar to what I did for my early books… though I’ve written before I think the antichrist (at least a literary version of him) would be a hero, mankind’s savior against the forces of heaven; a defiant rebel like Satan in Paradise Lost.

In my casual opinion, the antichrist was supposed to be loved, intelligent, and peace-bringing – three qualifiers that should immediately rule Trump out. Though if we want to redefine antichrist simply as “opposite of Jesus” or “world-destroyer” then absolutely. Trump has been worse for the world in a million ways, and has certainly sped forward its ecological demise.

The antichrist would also have a diabolical plan – which I don’t think Trump has – and it would work (whereas, whatever it is Trump is trying to do, it’s failing). I also don’t see a divine purpose or plan in Trump’s election, unless it’s just to bring light to outdated ideologies, shine light into the darkest corners, and hopefully emerge as a finer version of humanity. But it would take a lot of faith to believe an omniscient God couldn’t come up with a better solution than that.

  • Flood

    Garbage. DJT is certainly egocentric and maybe a little narcissistic… He is far from ineffective and as President so far he has done more for the American Taxpayer than any president before him. While he has failed on a few key promises, such as jailing Hillary, he has delivered big on the things Americans voted for him to do. He has done so for three years while under constant attack from a press that long ago ditched journalism for propaganda as a part of a shadow program to undermine the constitution and villify the patriots and constitutionalists that significantly make up his base as Evil Racist White People. the problem with this and all lies, as well as your own deception, is that it falls apart under any actual thought or scrutiny, which is why “dont look dont think” is modus operandi for a triggered and dystopian leftist ideology that is perpetually offended and cowering for their life in a world full of russian bots and and crushing patriarchy that only has 12 years to live because the temperature may change 1 degree…a world that exists only in the minds of twitter addicts.

    Respectfully, thank you.