Jesus Potter Harry Christ Twitter + Writing Contest: Win one of 3 brand-new Kindles, FREE!

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To promote the Launch of the new book Jesus Potter Harry Christ, we’ve decided to run THREE separate promotional contests to spread the word. Enter all three to increase your chances of winning a brand new Amazon Kindle! All contests will start on February 1st and finish March 1st – so you have one month to participate and win.


1. JPHC Twitter Contest

To use twitter to help spread the word, we want you to answer the question, “What do Jesus and Harry Potter have in common?” Use the Hashtag #JPHC and link to this page we can track the contest. The most interesting or clever answer wins the first Kindle! You can also use our twitter name if you have room, holyblasphemy.

Step One: Tweet This to spread the word:

  • What do Jesus and Harry Potter have in common? The most interesting or clever answer wins a FREE Kindle! #JPHC pl.RT

Step Two: Tweet your own answers – you can tweet as many times as you want. Here are some examples:

  • Jesus and Harry Potter are both wizards. #JPHC
  • Jesus Christ and Harry Potter both have exactly 11 letters in their names, 5+6. #JPHC


2. JPHC Publicity Stunt Contest

Can you think of a funny or interesting way to promote Jesus Potter Harry Christ? Do it and win the 2nd Kindle! Just take a video or some pictures of your “stunt” and put it up online somewhere (youtube, facebook, flickr, myspace). Make sure to email us the link so we can find it: [email protected]. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • A public riot or demonstration
  • A book burning
  • A puppet show
  • A drawing or painting
  • A song
  • An epic battle
  • A cute youtube video
  • A photo gallery of Harry or Jesus in interesting places

If you’d like to get some posters or fliers, just ask us to send you some hi-res files.


3. JPHC Book Reviews Contest

Interested in the subject? Get your free review copy, write an online review, and win the 3rd Kindle!

  • The review copy is available now ON THIS PAGE. Go ahead and download your free, pre-release copy and start reading.
  • Post your comments/reviews on this website and You can post your review on this website on the discussion page.
  • The Amazon book page should be up and running by mid February (the link will be posted on this page at that time, or search for “Jesus Potter, Harry Christ”).
  • While reviews can be clever, witty, funny, philosophical, or poetic, they should focus on the subject of the book (the relationship between Jesus and Harry, research into the historical Jesus, etc.). Reviews should be about the overall structure, aim and theme of the book. Reviews on this website can be more in-depth and more personal. Amazon reviews should be more professional; i.e. aimed at being helpful to amazon buyers.
  • The review can be critical; it’s fine to comment on what you didn’t like about the book or what you feel it was lacking, but make sure you’ve at least read the book and can offer detailed criticism.
  • A winner will be chosen according to how many ‘yes’ answers they got for Amazon’s “Was this review helpful to you?” customer feedback system, or how many “likes” their comments on this page got.


But wait, there’s more!

Besides their Free Kindle, winners will each receive a signed copy of the book.

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