Jesus thinks I’m a prick

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According to a new facebook test called “What does Jesus Think of You?”, which has 6 short and hardly related questions, Jesus thinks I’m a Sanctimonious Prick. Moreover,
He’s tired of your shit. Nobody thinks you’re different, or interesting, or cool. Certainly not the Saviour of all Men. Jesus wants you to quit being such a tool.
Frankly, I think that’s awesome on many levels. There is a natural conflict between somebody who loves you so much he would die for you, and someone who loves you so much he forgives you no matter what. Jesus should care what we do, and he should be miffed or jealous or sad when we do something stupid; giving the fact that Hell awaits us and he suffered so we wouldn’t have to go there. Ignoring all that and trying to be ‘different, interesting or cool’ should piss him off. The same way it pissed me off in kindergarten when the friend I liked started hanging out and talking more with another friend, until I started crying during show-and-tell. In short, I love the human Jesus who is man enough to tell you when he thinks you’re being a prick.

ON THE OTHER HAND: As I’ve mentioned before, I don’t believe in a “Human God”. I don’t believe God could or would get angry or jealous in the same way. I don’t think he would punish us or reward us – our rewards and punishments are found in this life alone and are very probably our own fault. I think these ideas about God are leftovers from small trival gods, local gods who you must appease or they would turn ugly and let your enemies leave you alive. They are the gods of bigots, haters, racists and supremecists. Any God worthy of the name is – if not indifferent – at least reserved: He knows the place he’s put us is not ultimately dangerous and let’s us figure out our own problems.