Johnny Depp’s blasphemous new Christmas Carol with BabyBird: Jesus Stag Night Club

There are many reasons to love Johnny Depp; his stunning good looks, goofy movie roles or charming bad boy personality. But here’s another one: for his outspoken willingness to criticize religion and poke fun in places others dare not tread. Teaming up with the UK band BabyBird (which he’s worked with before, and is close with the band’s frontman Stephen Jones) Depp sung the lyrics to a new Christmas song release, Jesus Stag Night Club.

Admittedly, the music is not to my taste. But I do relish the religious controversy and the ardent response from Christian Coalitions who are spouting threats of damnation for Johnny Depp’s callous insensitivity for religious tolerance.

But actually I find that Depp and  Jones’ deviant view of Jesus is much deeper, more profound and more honest than the religious fundamentalists who are so easily incensed.

“Christians go to heaven. Sinners go to hell. This is their message of peace. Oh yes and gays can f–k off too. It’s a beautiful world, Jesus,” wrote Jones on Twitter. He also spoke to E! News. “The Bible is the greatest fiction book of all time. Incredible stories of magic and mayhem. Full of Hollywood storylines. If Jesus was around today, he would probably be laying low, like I was, in a Days Inn single room, staying incognito to prevent fueling any religious hatred. If they were true Jesus lovers, they wouldn’t own CD players and iPods, they would be wandering the world preaching love and understanding.”

So basically, Jones and Depp are not making fun of Jesus at all – they completely support Jesus and Christianity’s message of love, tolerance and peace (as do I!). But they are pointing out, through their music, how vicious, angry, violent, judgmental and prejudiced the Christian Community has actually become; and how far from Jesus’ real message.

Isn’t this truly an inspirational and motivational Christmas message worth sharing? That all people, regardless of sexual orientation, race or other differences, have at the very least an equal chance at happiness and an equal share of forgiveness and understanding?

Watch the video below and share your thoughts!