Monogamy, Polygamy, and Religion

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“Love one another – but make not a bond of love”. A quote from Kahlil Gilbran; the richest and wisest writer I’m familiar with. I’ve taken that to heart since I was a teenager. I am filled with fascination for the beauty of the opposite sex. I love women. It feels unnatural to be with only one, forever – it always feels like an incredible amount of effort.Of course you can choose to be with one, but you may not be able to curb your attraction or interest for all the others; thus at best you can avoid or ignore those impulse for the sake of your monogamy – and this, most will conclude, it the height of morality.

But I just found a website explaining the history behind our beliefs in monogamy, which actually argues for Polygamy, and more interestingly, for Christian Polygamy. I found the following website fascinating:

It argues that Christianity was originally polygamous, and that Monogamy, like most other things, were copied directly from the ethical vacuous Romans and Greeks. While it can be easily dismissed as crap, the website offers an extremely lengthy and well researched treatise on the historical developments of both polygamy and monogamy, which for historical interest, is quite brilliant and interesting.

My own convictions are that:

A) love in all forms is good, and an intimate relationship with others should never be unnecessarily thwarted

B) honesty is paramount: “do no harm” is a good starting point

C) For practical reasons, when intending to raise a family or live with someone, monogamy is probably going to be a necessary evil, and can be quite fulfilling if you work at it.

What do you think?