My Cult Life: Cult Recovery Resources for Ex-Christians and Fundies

I found a great new blog today. Meet Lisa. At 17 she had a full-ride scholarship to university, and she gave it up to join a group of traveling ministry group. Several years later, disillusioned, she’s given up Christianity and even started a cult recovery and resource website for others trying to recover from spiritual (or other) abuse at the hands of religious cults and move on with their lives. I understand the power of these groups, and flirted with a couple of them in my teenage years although I was lucky enough to get away to Europe, which doesn’t really have this problem (they just have Catholicism. Which isn’t nearly cool or hip enough to tempt teens into active ministry). Check out the badass web design of “My Cult Life”:

What really impresses me about My Cult Life is the menu: Divided into the categories of Recovery, Recovery Stories, For Parents and For Students, they have information about Medical Resources, Dealing with Judgment, Intellectual Growth and so much more. I haven’t seen another source trying to be this specifically helpful for post-cult member recovery.

Their website’s pretty new, so help them raise their visibility by linking to or blogging about them.