Obama Zombie

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Like I said in my last (and only other Obama post) I’m a cynic. I watched Zeitgeist and was pretty convinced that either the bankers or the aliens are secretly ruling everything. So I was surprised when Barack Hussein Obama got elected. My immediate reactions were these: That means… my cynicism is misplaced? The powers of the world, the dark, secret evil ones, also want prosperity, peace, and freedom? It’s hard to believe – but wonderfully uplifting and empowering. There are other people out there, working towards positive change. We don’t have to go down in a sinking, putrid spiral of health care, education and unemployment problems. A whole new future is before us.

Specifically my family was amazed that such a controversial, passionate election can be held at all; the winning party calmly takes over, the losing party urges his followers to support the winner. Only in America could this happen. The whole world is looking on with astonishment (and relief – because the whole world was anti-Bush and anti-war on Iraq).

Cut to days later: astonishingly, I’ve found little pockets of McCain supporters who are blogging about the blood of the unborn children, the blood of the workers who will starve in the streets, the blood of the uneducated children and unable-to-get-healthcare people. Lots of blood. Did they listen to the debates at all? America was already in the garbage can. One candidate had some good ideas to try – the other candidate wanted to keep ‘persevering’ – to keep doing what we’ve been doing for the last 8 years.

These supporters are labeling Obama supporters as mindless cattle, sheep, driven by empty promises of ‘change’ and trivial slogans like ‘yes we can’. This might be true. I watched a hilarious video from The Onion about Obama supporters left with nothing to do or talk about post-election.

I for one, was out of the country for most of the election – flew in a couple weeks before, and stayed out of politics. I did vote, but only because my family pushed me to. (I don’t really believe in the voting process… it’s mindless followers against mindless followers, only the numbers prevail? What a silly way to run a country. America should be split into two like-minded countries.)

But McCain supporters continuing to argue that McCain was the better choice – that the world will surely end now as Obama steers the country into the ground; what kind of brainwashing right-wing garbage have they been listening to? Sarah Palin alone should have been a deal-breaker for every rational McCain supporter. Actually – I was holding my breath during Obama’s speeches because I know the McCain supporters are so much more capable of irrational fundamentalism and violence.

I’m proud of America. I was talking to my dad about the Vietnam protests and asking – where is that kind of passion today? An 8 year war with more protests in other countries than in our own? The campaign was our Vietnam.