Oz The Great and Powerful (2013) Movie Review and Religious Symbolism

and Mila Kunis are teaming up with a great cast in a Wizard of Oz remake/prequel, that tells the story of how a charlatan in Kansas, who is part of a traveling circus, goes on an odyssey when he mysteriously lands in Oz and becomes it’s ruler. We can expect the genre to be much like 2012’s John Carter – a “normal” guy goes to another world and becomes a superpower. We can’t help noting, however, the implications for organized religion:

Through Deception and Manipulation, this guy will trick everybody into believing that he’s capable of miracles and omnipotence.

His legend grows until, someday in the future, Dorothy and her friends believe he can get her home, give Scarecrow a Brain, give Lion a Heart. I wonder how many contemporary prayers ask for the same things? (Get me home safely, let me pass my exams, give me more courage and confidence). Is there really a God behind the curtain, or just maybe something with more technology who’s played us for fools?