Proving that Satan Really Exists: St. Anselm’s Ontological Argument in Reverse

Here’s an interesting mental exercise for you:

1. Let’s define Satan as the worst thought you can think. So anything bad, evil, disagreeable, wrong… all that stuff is “Satan” or “Satanic”. He’s the absolute most vile, ugly, scary creature you can imagine, with fangs, horns, and lots of eyeballs.

2. Ok, are you picturing it? Can you conceive of this idea? Now in your mind, take this concept a bit further by imagining that it exists in reality. This Satan that exists in reality is definitely worse then the Satan that exists in your mind only, right?

3. Since the Satan that really exists is worse, only it is the real Satan. The other Satan you were thinking of, the one that only exists in your mind, isn’t the real Satan (because he’s not as bad as the one that exists in reality.)

4. Therefore, Satan exists in reality.

***There seems to be some gap in logic between steps 3 and 4; I can’t quite tell right now whether it is my fault or St. Anselm’s. He moves a little slower than me, but I think the logical process is the same. What do you think?***


  • Bile_Gran_Vieira_Correa

    i give my middle finger to satan and a big kick in his ass… lol

  • Regina

    Interesting but I don’t agree with the notion that because something can be thought of, the reality of it must exist because the reality has to be worse than what we can imagine. Although I do hold with the premise that we recognize evil for evil because implanted in our minds are ideas that something is good and something is bad. This ability to recognize good and bad is God-given for a reason: Because there is good and bad. This ability to recognize such opposites could be telling us that our Creator has implanted that knowledge inside of us so we could choose which would imply there was something to choose between…going back to the good and evil again.

    • guest


    • Cobalt

      A god doesn’t give us that ability, society does. A lot of religious people see red as a sinful colour, but I like it and don’t think it’s evil at all. If god gave us the ability to differ good from bad then why is our definitions different? A man should be judged by his actions and god is evil. He murders billions of people, he uses capital punishment, he builds a paradise and puts humans in there with the one purpose to make them sin and to throw them out, cursing them forever for following his great plan. Compare the actions of god to the actions and intentions of the devil, without thinking about what the bible says about them.

  • Cobalt

    So because he would be worse than what you imagine that makes him real? I wonder what universe you live in where that makes sense. I can imagine the existence of Thor, Odin, Vile, Ve and all other nordic gods. Now I imagine that they’re real, the real versions must be even more powerful. Since the real versions must be more powerful that makes them real. Perfectly fine logic, 10 out of 10!

  • Commonsense

    Imagine satan. Now imagine he’s real. That proves he’s real.

    This author is just so stupid…..