Punchtab rewards: setting up giveaways and loyalty programs

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I’ve started using PunchTab on this site! Find out how you can win free stuff below!

I found out about the new startup PunchTab (which recently raised $850,000 in startup funds to get rolling) from Tim Ferriss. Punchtab helps to increase site participation by offering incentives for your visitors to like, click and share your content. Right now it offers two basic features:

1) Loyalty Programs

Punchtab gives your visitors rewards for doing things like visiting a page, commenting, sharing or liking. It keeps track of points and lets them cash in points for prizes. The amazing thing is, right now, the default prizes are being donated. That means I can offer my readers $3 at Starbucks, $5 at iTunes, and $15 at amazon – without actually buying those prizes myself. Wow. (Test it out by sharing or browsing this site; you’ll see your points increase as you go – participate frequently to claim your prize!).

1) Giveaways

A really neat function I’ll also be using often is the giveaway feature. I can set my prize (currently an autographed copy of “Jesus Potter Harry Christ”, and visitors can enter just by liking, sharing or tweeting. It’s simple. Tim Ferriss is using it to giveaway a $1000 Travelocity voucher. I’m going to start out with a book each month and see how it goes before I bump up the prize.

Test it out below: