Tim Ferriss new book The 4-Hour Soul: How to get into Heaven, have a flawless spiritual body, and utilize the most powerful pieces of world religions.

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What happens after we die? How can I achieve bliss and happiness? What is the purpose of life? How can I lead a fulfilling, spiritually charged life?

Finally there’s a solution to these eternal questions. Tim Ferriss, author of The Four Hour Work-Week and The Four Hour Body, has just announced his plans to start working on his next book, The Four Hour Soul: The ultimate guide to getting into heaven, enlightenment, spiritual mastery, and hacking world religions to minimize effort and maximize payout.

“I know a lot of people think I’m just cashing in on the success of my previous titles and the Four-Hour legacy,” Ferriss said in an interview “but actually I’ve been thinking of this book for some time and it’s really an important step. Think about it: my first book taught you how to work less and have more free time, and my second book taught you how to take care of your body for optimal health and power. Those are important first steps to self-mastery and excellence – but alone they aren’t enough. Even if people have all the money in the world and an excellent body, they are still going to face these tough existential problems. Why are we here? What’s the point of it all? Developing your mind, controlling your thoughts to be totally aware and blissfully happy – as well as knowing the Truth about your purpose in life – that’s the next logical step.”

Like Ferriss’ previous books, the title stresses the idea that through using extreme, little known practices, carefully executed routines and powerful mind-altering substances, pure spiritual wisdom and heightened states of reality can be attained quickly. Through his worldwide travels, rigorous investigation, self-testing, as well as interviews with hundreds of the world’s spiritual figures from all faiths, Ferriss has crystallized the world’s religious wisdom into a powerful, soul-charging, life-enhancing regime.

You will discover:

+ 5 10minute breathing exercises from Tibetan monks that will immediately change your life
+ 7 mind altering plants used by South American shamans that you can order online
+ 4 awareness increasing brews that you can make at home with common ingredients
+ 10 of the most spiritually charged places on earth, how to get there and when to go
+ The 6 laws of spiritual mastery that every religion has but you’ve never heard of
+ A simple daily affirmation that will revolutionize your connection with the universe
+ 8 Advanced forms of mind control, including basic telekinesis
+ How to be in two places at once: having a planned out of body experience whenever you want
+ The only way guaranteed to save you from the profound shifts that will occur in 2012

    The book will be available in 2012. If you pre-order now, Tim will personally use quantum energy to balance your body, mind and spirit and heal any disease.


    Disclaimer: Although this post is a satire and written in jest, I have great respect for Tim Ferriss and the work he’s doing. I saw a comment by somebody joking about how Tim’s next book would be the 4-Hour Soul. Actually I think it’s a brilliant idea. Obviously Tim is already fanatically devoted to self-improvement and learning the fastest, quickest way to do something and teaching his community all about it. He’s given entrepreneurs a guide to getting out of the rat-race; he’s given the health-nuts a guide to being superhuman and having a perfect body; why not continue? He’d reach a whole new market, make millions of dollars, and explore another important aspect of life and the human condition.

    Tim if you’re reading this, I’ll write the book for you and you can put your name on it.