This too shall end… (writing and publishing resources for authors)

I started this site when I was a theology student on the island of Malta, over 15 years ago – at the time I was obsessed with religious history and mythology. I no longer stand behind all of the articles found here. Although all opinions are my own, and I’m passionate about these topics, I believe everyone has the right to choose beliefs that give life meaning and purpose.

These days, I blog over at, where I help artists and authors create work that matters. My wife and I have been full-time digital nomads, traveling to new countries every month, for the past five years, while writing books and helping authors publish. I also build tools and resources to help creative people create platforms, attract a loyal tribe, and create abundance so they can share value with the world, as I strive to do in my own way.

If you need publishing or book marketing help, here are some resources: