“Throw your god a bone” is Holy Blasphemy’s motto, mantra, and call to action. Besides being catchy and clever, it represents many of our core values. One of our central beliefs is that – if there is a god – then He is the absolute best idea of god that we can come up with. Any attributes that don’t make sense, are limiting, pointless, trivial, laughable, or self-contradictory (like a loving God who punishes to Hell) need to be fleshed out and discarded. Our idea of “God” is actually a very liberal, philosophical, universal spirit/natural order that has almost nothing to do with the traditional religious personality of God as the great mother or father in the sky that cares, judges and chastises us. Moreover, if our conception or use of the word ‘god’ gets us in trouble, we’re ready to give it up or trade it in; although its traditional connotations can create varied emotional responses, it’s a signifier which we find ready-made and easy to use.

At any rate, we’re willing to bet that, if you believe in god, you’re probably keeping him in a little box, in a cage, on a leash, by holding onto traditions or beliefs that seriously limit his ultimate capabilities. Moreover, we doubt that you ever feed him, play with him, buy him toys or just hang out and enjoy his company (this is especially true in Western religions, which ask god for things but have gotten rid of the idea of sacrifice).

The idea of and belief in god doesn’t have to have negative consequences; if the belief seriously and honestly creates beneficial experiences and improves the quality of our lives and relationships, we see no harm in using it – regardless of whether or not it can be proven true. (This is not the same as believing just because. In every situation where the term ‘god’ causes conflict or disharmony, it is not useful or beneficial).

Our goal (as naive and disillusioned as it may be) is to liberate the word from the fundamentalists who have given it a bad rap, and allow intelligent people the right to refer to it without being accosted by atheists and skeptics.