To Write Love on Her Arms, A Rebuttal

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(God’s blog)

If you’ve read the recent post on this blog in Satan’s Journal about To Write Love on Her Arms, I hope you’ll have a chance to see this post as well. You see, basically, Satan is a selfish asshole. That shouldn’t shock anybody. The ‘To Write Love on Her Arms” website clearly says that the original meaning of the movement was not to be trendy or fashionable. They can’t be held responsible for the idiocy and blind fanaticism of their ‘followers’ (the same can be said about Me, of course). To Write Love on Her Arms is teaching people with depressions or addiction to recognize the have a problem and get help; those are noble goals, and their popularity and success rates have only helped them in transforming the lives of their members.

Substance abuse is a destructive force in the lives of many, and an international, ‘cool’ movement speaking out against addiction and substance abuse is truly a miracle.