Transformers 3 Review and the Christian Rapture: Whose side will you be on in the coming apocalypse?

Today I watched the Smallville season 4 finale; then I went to see Transformers 3. It was interesting to find that they both feature the exact same story: a giant force is going to overtake earth and use all the people as slaves. One brave hero must find himself, defeat the threat, while at the same time protecting his romance. What’s interesting, however, is the fact that Christianity – while sharing many of the same apocalyptic themes – is actually a complete reversal of this modern Armageddon mythology.

If you’re a Transformers fan, a Smallville fan, a Christian, or someone who believes that 2012 will see the return of Nibiru/Planet X and an alien race, this post will clarify whose side you will be on, and what the consequences will be for both you and the human race.

Transformers 3: The Dark Side of the Moon

In transformers three, the bad guys set up some “pillar” technology that wrinkles space and time, allowing them to bring their home planet near to earth to be rebuilt (by human slave labor). That’s pretty bad for everybody – and a few human heroes (against great odds and with the help of the autobots) finally take down the pillars. There’s also some bad guys who have been in contact with the evil alien robots for decades and help them accomplish their ends here on earth. The sides are clear: help invading aliens and possibly have an important role or be protected in the new world order, or risk everything for freedom and stage a rebellion. Good triumphs, the invading aliens are pushed away. Note that this is basically the same plot as dozens of other popular “alien invasion” movies.

Smallville Season 4 Finale (Episodes 21-22)

Clark Kent faces “The Darkness” which is some big bad powerful force. It becomes something of a world-eater/destroyer (like the one in Fantastic Four, Rise of the Silver Surfer). There is a weird cult of Darkness Worshipers that seem remarkably like Satanic Witches… they oppose the light and anyone who could get in the way of the Darkness taking over everybody. Interestingly, all of those who are helping the Darkness get marked on the forehead with a special mark, and there will be a “rapture” for them before the world gets destroyed (which is exactly the same as the Christian narrative, except Good and Evil are reversed.)

The Christian Apocalypse and Rapture

So now we get to Christianity: the world is ending, God and his aliens will come down with swords, plagues, violence and destroy everybody – but if you accept Christ, you will be raptured before the bad stuff happens. The Kingdom of God will physically descend as a giant floating world/city – all crystals and lights, and this will began a period where Jesus/God actually reigns over the world.

But using the heroic/ethical standards of Transformers 3, the right response would actually be to refuse this powerful invasion and try and stop it, rather than giving up and joining what you assume will be the winning side.

What is more ethical – to obey the commands of God and let him burn and pillage the world, ignoring the billions of people who will suffer horrific deaths and STILL burn in  Hell for all eternity; or standing up for humanity, freedom, justice etc.? The fascinating thing about American-Christian culture is that many people fall exactly between these two beliefs, and don’t recognize that their Christian belief in the End of Days is the polar opposite of the Transformers 3 scenario.

What could happen in 2012: Nibiru and Planet X

The running plot of modern culture’s end times and apocalyptic depictions are based half on Christian mythology and half on sub-culture opinions regarding Nibiru or Planet X; a lost planet of our solar system with a huge orbit that comes very near to earth every few thousand years (allowing the aliens to interact with humans).

But if anything like this REALLY does happen, there will be no difference in form between an invading alien race and an invading army of angels. Both will expect submission or death. You can either submit and work for them, or die in a probably futile revolution. (The same themes are present also in the new show, “Falling Skies”.)

Why is the Christian God any better or any different from the leader of these alien races? Is he kinder? More gentle? Does he give his followers more in return for service? No! The only difference is the projection of “Eternity”, which makes everything more serious. It’s easy to risk everything and die for freedom – but what if the transformers could keep you alive and torture you FOREVER, or keep you alive and give you happiness FOREVER – suddenly the choice to rebel is not so clear. Eternity? Really? Shit… I guess I better do whatever they tell me to do.

SO? Whose side are you on? If any foreign power invades earth – will you cower and make the best of things to survive, or will you refuse and evolt?

Freedom or Tyranny? Which will you choose?