What do Jesus and the Easter Bunny Have in Common?

I made this poster for Easter – please share it if you like it!

Thousands of years ago,

people used to believe that in winter the sun “died”, and then came back in the Spring. They created stories about his death and then celebrated his return to life. In Egypt, the legends told how the evil Set cut Osiris up into many pieces, and Isis had to wander high and low, searching for the pieces of Osiris’ body to put back together again. Egyptians re-enacted this myth every year by hiding and discovering eggs, which symbolized the body of Osiris and his rebirth into a new year of light and prosperity.
Isis, meanwhile, was a moon goddess -and if you like sideways at the moon, you can see that the moon looks like a rabbit in an egg (not, as our patriarchal-capitalistic society has taught us, like a man).

And that, Timmy, is what Jesus has to do with the Easter Bunny.