What does it mean to be a Christian? The difference between Atheism and Christianity.

Because I am anti-religious and speak out against the fallacy of Christendom, many people accuse me of being many things that I am not. Generally, Christians usurp everything positive as being under the umbrella of Christianity. So when I say I am “Anti-Christian”, they hear, “anti-morality, anti-kindness and goodness, anti-wanting to be a better person, anti-inspiration, anti-joy, anti-love, and anti-hope”.

And actually, I’m not against any of those. In fact I’m a passionate believer in and supporter of all of the above, and I strive everyday to become a better person. Meanwhile, when I say “Anti-Christian”, I’m only thinking about those things that Christians overlook or ignore about their own faith. These are the things I am firmly against:

  • Salvation is very easy, just accept it
  • Salvation was given in Jesus, who came 2000 years ago to Israel because God doesn’t give a shit about the rest of the world
  • The world is ending soon and we will be judged for eternity – not based on our actions or accomplishments or even if we were good or bad, but based on our acceptance of Jesus
  • God is a mystery – we just have to accept the Bible and believe in it cuz God says so, and because God says he wrote the Bible in the Bible so it’s true

Now if you accept those things – that doesn’t make you a good person. It doesn’t necessarily make you an idiot either (I used to believe them, and I’ve always been very intelligent). If you want to keep believing in those things, and if they make you happy, if they make you kinder and more generous, and if they don’t make you bitter, angry and violent, then power to you. I won’t interfere. However if you’re looking for something else, if you have problems with those beliefs but still call yourself a Christian, you might want to rethink your definition.

A lot of modern Christians basically believe in self-empowerment, freedom, actualization, and other new-age stuff like the Secret and the Law of Attraction that has extremely little to do with Jesus… and they say things like “well I’m not interested in the historical Jesus, but I know and love Jesus and God, etc”. That’s bullocks. You could be using another term, a more universal term, to express your spirituality which doesn’t automatically ban salvation from half of the world’s population (yes, Jesus did that… actually much less than half are currently Christian. Do the math.)

Today I got the following comment on one of my blog posts. I’ve left the spelling errors:

if you don’t believe in him, why make this website? Why read the bible to get your so called “Facts”?why do you tear your hair out if some one say that they are believers?don’t you believe in anything? if your answer is no, you are a liar.you must in some way or a another believe in something.Lets just say, you believe in this, and other believes in that. I’m not judging, im just saying, you must be really heartbroken to write this crep

It wasn’t even an inflammatory post. Am I heartbroken? No. Ok, I’ll admit when I was a teenage Christian I was filled with meaning, hope, inspiration and joy more often than I am now (maybe that just comes with being a teenager – I was also infinitely more heartbroken, depressed, sad, and lost than I am now). Do I believe in something? Abso-goddamn-lutely. I believe Jesus wasn’t a historical person; that religions like Islam and Christianity are founded on violence and left to their own devices (without education and science) would keep the world in a violent, misogynist, land of punishment and terror; that everyone needs to be fully responsible for their own actions and accountable for their deeds (not someday in heaven; here, now); that the world desperately needs saving and religion isn’t helping.

And by the way, I think religion probably has positive psychological benefits – maybe some people need religion. If I was in charge I might make everybody religious…. but I would never let religion grow powerful enough to make important decisions, stop science or education, or implement 2000 year old rules based on an ancient book of mythology.

What is Atheism and Am I an Atheist?

Atheism is a lack of belief in Gods or having no beliefs in supernatural deities; but this definition is unclear. What are “Gods”? If I stick only with the “supernatural” part – you could call me an Atheist. I don’t believe in something outside of nature. Everything that is, is – that’s nature; but we don’t understand it. We don’t know what “matter” is really capable of. There may be lots of things going on in the universe that we don’t understand. There may be big, superpowerful, intelligent beings from other planets or planes of existence that appear like “Gods” to us. Do I believe in One, Father God above everything, who is the end and the beginning, and who consciously interferes with history? No. What’s more – if He exists, then I refuse Him; because his actions are ethically questionable and I will not be bullied into submission by tyranny.

But is it possible that what many people mean by “God” actually refers to some natural condition that I am completely open-minded about? Yes.

Let’s go back to the comment I mentioned above:

if you don’t believe in him, why make this website? Why read the bible to get your so called “Facts”?why do you tear your hair out if some one say that they are believers?

These are excellent questions that need to be addressed. I’ll assume that the writer is talking about the Christian God.

If you don’t believe in him, why make this website?

Christianity offers a comprehensive, totalizing worldview. From inside the belief system, it has set up safeguards which make it difficult to turn away from your belief. Christians who are having trouble accepting the miraculous claims of the Church will feel guilty and may do penance. They will suffer tragically – and they will believe that suffering is good, healthy and righteous. This will make them angry at others (like myself) who are not going through this wearisome process of suffering and being guilty all the time. Christians will feel morally superior and angry (not all of them, of course – many Christians are amazing people.)

The purpose of this website is to offer another world view, that also makes sense, that is firmly established with evidence, support, reason and argument, to allow Christians or any one else the chance to move away from the belief system they were taught (usually against their will as children) into something else, something potentially more beneficial for their lives.

The hardest thing about leaving Christianity is that it feels like the whole world has lost meaning – and worse, you may constantly worry that you’re making the wrong choice. I’ve found that research, education and community help fill this void – eventually leading to far greater spiritual/intellectual heights than those offered in Christianity.

The specific agenda of this website, however, is to stand up in defiance against the idea/literary character of God. The God of the Old Testament, of Christianity; the God who refuses human expression, freedom, individualism, autonomy, pleasurable excess; the disapproving, frowning God who warns us against life – this is a hateful, tyrannous character. Just because I don’t believe he is real, doesn’t mean I can afford to ignore him – even if he doesn’t exist the idea of God is immensely and penetratingly influential on all of humankind. The future of mankind – our very survival – hinges on how we define God and our relation to this world we life on.

Why read the bible to get your so called “Facts”?

This is a very perceptive question. I’ll give two answers. First, Christians base their entire faith on the Bible. The Bible is the “Proof” that Christianity is True, that Jesus is God, etc. But the Bible is a collection of ancient literature, some written in Hebrew, some in Greek, devised over a period of almost 1,000 years and incorporating wildly differing belief systems. It is full of mythical (supernatural) events that are no more amazing than the feats of other pagan mythology – except that Christians continue to believe that they really happened. Frankly, as a former Christian and ex-seminary student who has studied biblical history and archaeology in Europe and the Middle East, who is now currently getting a PhD in Comparative Literature, I find the Bible fascinating. And it’s frustrating to me that – as a “sacred book” – I’m not supposed to do any research or investigation into its history, because “religious tolerance” should make it off limits and above question.

Secondly, while I don’t get my “facts” from the Bible, it is true that I regularly use biblical evidence and citations in my various arguments – which puts me in an awkward position. (If I don’t think it’s “True”, how can I use it to justify my beliefs or argument? Why is my interpretation any better than the “normal/Christian” one?) I suppose the Bible has a special place and resonance in Western Culture, and our perception of and response to the Bible continues to shape Western ideologies and policies; hence it is a pivotal text which must be engaged with.

Why do you tear your hair out if some one say that they are believers?

Christians like to believe that atheists or other non-religious are deliberately out to get them; trying to attack or abuse them. Honestly I don’t give a damn if you are a believer. However when someone says that, there’s a few things I know automatically:

  1. They are close-minded
  2. I will have to be careful what I say around them
  3. We can have no fruitful conversations
  4. They will continuously be looking for opportunities to save me
  5. They will constantly make references to their faith and its benefits

If you’re a believer, you are probably automatically on guard and sensitive about point #1. You’re probably thinking “I’m NOT close-minded”. I don’t have time to stand around arguing with you. Let’s agree that you aren’t going to listen to anything I say, you aren’t going to be persuaded by any of my arguments or evidence, but will inevitably fall back on “well, that’s what I believe…” The difference between you and me is that I am not prevented from changing any of my beliefs. I have not been commanded to keep them. I don’t need to be loyal to them. I will consider any new evidence to the best of my ability and eagerly sacrifice old idea to new, better ones. I’ve done this several times in my life and continue to do so. Maybe I’m wrong – maybe you’re right. But the term “open-minded” will be more readily attributed to me.

What atheists and non-believers are doing these days, on a massive scale, is fighting for the rights of people who don’t want to believe in God. This is not about Christians right to believe – you’ve had that right, for a long, long time. This is about the right of non-Christians NOT to believe; to speak out without fear of condemnation or violence; to share their message and recruit members (as churches do!) in public places; to stand against religious groups who want to burn books, teach creationism, jail women who have accidental still births, and other forms of religious extremism without being villainized as intolerant assholes. It’s about the right of me, you, and everyone to find out our meaning and purpose in life, and to discuss it freely, without massive repercussions (yes of course you may disagree with me – people will always disagree! But are you disagreeing with my words or are you unleashing your fear and angry in the form of venomous tirades and abuse?)

Am I tearing my hair out? I’ll admit it is extremely frustrating, after over a decade and two graduate degrees, to be told things about Jesus, the Bible and God that I know are categorically and historically untrue. To be looked down upon because I just don’t get it, or am being led astray by my intellect (God made me smart because he wanted me to go to Hell). To have people raise arguments and proof that are unverified, unchecked, forged or fabricated; and to be called names and get hate mail because I’m interested in comparative religion and religious literature. But – I’m only frustrated when dealing with frustrating individuals. I try to avoid them as much as possible; when they aren’t around, I enjoy my life and love what I do.

  • http://twitter.com/playintraffic playintraffic

    Thank you for writing this! I’ve felt many of the things you said in here, but I’ve never been able to put them into words. I’m totally sharing this post.

    • http://www.holyblasphemy.net Derek Murphy

      Excellent. Share it. Totally.

  • http://twitter.com/playintraffic playintraffic

    Thank you for writing this!! For a long time I’ve tried to figure out a way to explain to people these things you said, but could never find the right words. I’m totally sharing this post.

  • Beth

    First of all, let me say that I believe in to each his own, so I really have no problem with your beliefs (or lack thereof.) I followed the link to your article through the above poster’s fb. As a Christian, I found your article very interesting, although there are parts of it that I disagree with. I think that you are spot on when talking about “What is, is.” I believe that God, or whatever is out there, is everything, not just a guy sitting on a throne at the other end of the universe. The part that I have issues with, however, is this:

    “Christians like to believe that atheists or other non-religious are
    deliberately out to get them; trying to attack or abuse them. Honestly I
    don’t give a damn if you are a believer. However when someone says
    that, there’s a few things I know automatically:

    They are close-mindedI will have to be careful what I say around themWe can have no fruitful conversationsThey will continuously be looking for opportunities to save meThey will constantly make references to their faith and its benefits”

    You are, essentially, being just as judgmental about Christians as you say they are about atheism.

    1) Being a Christian does NOT make me close-minded. I am Christian
    because I choose to be so and because of my own experiences, not because I believe i’m going to hell or was forced to go to church. Just like you freely chose become an atheist.
    2)Not particularly. I have a good friend who is the most outspoken athiest (and person in general) that I have ever met. Just because someone believes differently than I do doesn’t mean that I can’t be friends with them or, leading to the next one, have fruitful conversations with them.
    3) I have plenty of fruitful conversations with people of other beliefs (and lack thereof). I consider myself an intelligent person and therefore, can have intelligent conversations without resorting to “Well, it’s in the Bible, so it must be.” In fact, I welcome conversations with people of differing backgrounds because I can learn from them.
    4) Nope, no trying to save you here. In fact, I believe that we are saved by God’s grace, not by working hard to earn it hear on Earth. In fact, I believe that if there is a God out there somewhere, he has already saved you just because he loves you for who you are, and no other reason. He did make you the way that you are, after all!
    5) Of course i will tell you the benefits of being a Christian, but only if you want to hear them. Otherwise, I generally will leave well enough alone. and I don’t really quote Bible verses to people unless the conversation revolves around it. In fact, I try to remind people that God did not write
    the Bible and throw it from Heaven-it was written by man.

    “The specific agenda of this website, however, is to stand up in defiance
    against the idea/literary character of God. The God of the Old
    Testament, of Christianity; the God who refuses human expression,
    freedom, individualism, autonomy, pleasurable excess; the disapproving,
    frowning God who warns us against life – this is a
    hateful, tyrannous character. Just because I don’t believe he is real,
    doesn’t mean I can afford to ignore him – even if he doesn’t exist the
    idea of God is immensely and penetratingly influential on all of
    humankind. The future of mankind – our very survival – hinges on how we
    define God and our relation to this world we life on.”

    I am assuming that you are from a family who, essentially, tried to put the “fear of God” in you? This part makes me  very, very sad, because that is not what Christianity is supposed to be about, at all. I fully believe that God gave us a brain and free will, and expects us to use it to educate ourselves, question things, and investigate the world around us. I don’t think that he should EVER be portrayed as a figure to be afraid of. I was raised to believe that he stands for love, respect, and hope and that living out our lives to follow his will means living those out-such as giving help to those who need it and treating everyone with respect, despite differences of opinion, skin color, or religious beliefs.

    Please, next time, do not assume that all Christians are idiots, or that we don’t think things through and rely solely on the Bible for our information. I most definitely do not, and while there are plenty of people that do fall into the idiot category, I know plenty of other Christians that don’t either! The respect and understanding must go both ways. If you would like to further this conversation, my email address is [email protected]. Peace be with you!

    • http://www.holyblasphemy.net Derek Murphy

      Thanks for your post and comments – it is true I often over simplify “Christians”. For the record, I believe a Christian to be someone who believes that Jesus died for our sins and if we don’t accept his grace, we cannot be saved. I also think Christians believe in the Old Testament, as an inspired text. According to my definition, you are not really a Christian at all – you seem to have grown up (as I did) in a liberal Christian environment that is a new age mixture of 1960’s eastern spiritual influences into the hippie movement, which radically redefined Christianity. If you believe that God loves us all, that you don’t need to be a Christian to be saved, that your good works are what matters, not your acceptance of Jesus as God’s only son, then how are you a Christian? It seems we don’t believe anything that different from each other, except that I have come to terms with the fact that what I believe about God and Jesus is not in accord with what “Christianity” has meant during the past 2000 years and what it continues to mean to most Christians today. I know a lot of people are very spiritually liberal and still use the terms of Jesus and God and the Bible, but interpret them according to modern, inclusivist, egalitarian ideologies – hijacking the good parts of Christianity away from all of the very terrible parts, which are ignored. This is a little like calling myself a Nazi or a Hitlerist but saying I don’t believe in violence or racial persecution at all.

      God should never be portrayed as a figure to be afraid of? That’s what most of the early heretics said as well, including Marcion. He was ridiculed by the church and excommunicated. The things that you believe are really much more similar to Gnosticism – “modern” Christianity is kind of a neo-pagan-gnosticism that the Church fathers strove so desperately to stamp out.

      So no, I don’t think you’re an idiot, and yes there are many, many “smart” Christians. Nevertheless, it is clear that you are appropriating the title of “Christian” for yourself without reflecting on what it has meant, and means. I stopped using it because there are too many Christians that are idiots, and I no longer see the point of fighting to maintain the concept of being an intelligent Christian when so many idiots continue to give Christianity a bad name. Who exactly are you protecting by defending Christianity? If the intelligent Christians keep defending Christianity for a larger majority of Christians who believe vastly different things (an angry vengeful God, eternal punishment) what service are they really doing to further society? Do you want people to be educated and free thinking or not? Which would be a better education: teaching children to think freely first and THEN offering them religion, or teaching them religion first (warning of the dangers of free will and the limits of human knowledge) and then later giving them “free” will? You and the other smart Christians are in fact helping to perpetuate forms of Christianity you don’t even believe in, when you are in fact much closer aligned to “humanitarians” or other movements.

      Christianity cannot and will not evolve to your enlightened, postmodern ideology. A higher form of spirituality, a blending of all religions, is the only way for there to be an kind of lasting peace. But for it to happen, individual, exclusivist, non-rational forms of religion MUST be allowed to die out, to be criticized, challenged, found wanting, and left behind. I’m not saying give up everything about Christianity. I’m only saying stop fighting to defend as FACTS things that are not only counter-intuitive but also contrary to historical and literary evidence.

      You were raised to believe that “to follow his will means living those out-such as giving help to those who need it and treating everyone with respect, despite differences of opinion, skin color, or religious beliefs.” That’s awesome. But it is also, for a “real Christian”, impossible.

      If you believe Christianity is important, relevant, necessary, better – then there is no way for you to appreciate and respect people from other religions (and why should you; if Christianity IS better, or necessary, it is your DUTY as a moral person to share it!) Religious tolerance is impossible for the religious. If you, like me, value religious tolerance, you need to first of all realize that religious persecution is almost always from one religion against another!

      So in conclusion: our values and ideals are about the same. Only I realize that in a world where every religion is tolerated equally, the fiercest, meanest religion will continue to grow until it envelops us all, and once in power, it will refuse religious freedom and tolerance. The only way to protect freedom, ethics, rational inquiry and spiritual independence is to keep this from happening by identifying these power-hungry, monopolizing, exclusivist faiths (Christianity has always been one of the worst, although it is not the only) and challenge them – before they shut us up.

      • Thomas

        My research over the past many years has lead me to the atheistic position. The christian you speak of is the true believer and offended at any mention that their beliefs might just possibly not be true. My accessment of their problem is the logic-emotional struggle in their minds. The argument for atheism is logical and fires their logic side. However, they so want to believe emotionally. This is simply killing the messanger.

  • Christianvmanuel

    I am late to the conversation but I consider my Self a Christian because of the Person (our Messiah).  Which I know is more of an Islamic view of looking at things.  I am dating a muslim and many of my close friends are Muslim,Christian, pagan, our atheism.  I look at the bible as a view how I should live my life and the things that my GOD ask me not to do as a means of suffering by of protection.  Most people don’t see things like that but I do, just like in the jewish religion you are not to mix different kinda of material.  This may seem silly but if you look at it from a logical point of view during that time people where often around fire, we all know that when cotton burns it will burn off, when polyester for one burns it burns to the skin causing major burns and death. I have mix my Christianity more with Islam more our less because I find Islam another comfort in my life( more for the prophet Muhammad).  I do not see Islam as a threat to my religion but as a partner in life.  I was luck enough to be born in the south but raised in California but the church in the south was not a brim stone and fire church the one in California was.  I never though GOD was hate good people who do not believe because of the proof they have found.  As in Islam you have to come to the knowledge that GOD exist before you can your self a muslim( even though we know this not to all ways be true.)  I am just finding you online and am buying you book because you make people think out side of what they are use to.  I  am not intimidated by other religions are lack of religion I look at it as I am a Christian and it is my job threw how i live my life to make people want to follow me are more than that follow GOD.  I don’t follow my faith blind but I follow it because it brings me joy.  I know many christians use the torah and the laws of jesus and use them both and that should let anyone know that they have no true what they are talking about.  I am a christian and I follow the teaching of Jesus (Our the Hadith of ISA.)  As I read more of your work I like the way you write because it is not meant as a attack on GOD but your view, and for a person to take it that way must feel they are fighting what they feel.  One think most people forgot who follow GOD is that they most important (Jihad) our fight of life is the fighting that goes on with in you and how you make your self a better person.  I use history as a proof of my GOD, but again that is just me because when you believe you need proof because you already have it and if you don’t you don’t.  I find people who need to fight GOD are people who fight people because they have no belief in GOD to be said because they are so conflicted that they must fight to further what they think is true.  The Christians of Lebanon fled to the mountains to escape violence, but they also lived among people who where pagans.  They did not fight them nor did they walk the towns sending them to hell, they lived with them in peace and threw that mangy converted.  So for me I find no fault with my religion as over 2000 years it has be changed and moved but I have faith in GOD that he put me on the path the was meant for me and I trust enough in him that it causes me no pain but ease, for me a life with out GOD in not the religion but frightful and dark, and for those reason I follow the Christianity because if you love someone and you feel they are there for you then to me you follow because you trust.

  • Anonymous

    Well said. Keep up the great work!

  • Donny Samuel

    1. Salvation is very easy, just accept itMy answer :
    We can lost our salvation if we don’t live according to HIS word. We “can”  live like a manner “one day make sin one day ask forgiveness and live holy” but don;t expect a blessing live from HIM.I think it’s not true. Salvation is not easy. Salvation not just the act accept Jesus as God and saviour.
    2.Salvation was given in Jesus, who came 2000 years ago to Israel because God doesn’t give a shit about the rest of the worldMy answer: God really care about the world. HE choosed Israel for the first nation to become HIS people to tell the world about HIM, but israel failed.  Then Christian people have to tell the world about HIS Love.3.The world is ending soon and we will be judged for eternity – not based on our actions or accomplishments or even if we were good or bad, but based on our acceptance of JesusMy answer:I have answer some of this at number one answer. I added that our accomplishment give us more blessing and annointing live and also there will be gifts / presents will receive because of our accomplishment after we die and get to heaven.

    4.God is a mystery – we just have to accept the Bible and believe in it cuz God says so, and because God says he wrote the Bible in the Bible so it’s true
    My answer:
    Not correct. We always learn to know Him all our life by reading Holy Bible. Eventhough when we die and get to heaven, we sill still learning to know him.
    The wrong one is when some of church don’t ask their people to read bible or don’t give them course / training / seminar about God and His words.
    In love there is also knowledge. Can you love someone if u don;t know anything about him/her.
    If u want to love God , we must also know HIM.

    • xieergai29

      Please tell me that god who kills children (remember great flood? he killed not only “bad people” but toddlers and kids as well, that is if you believe in bible, but he saved the animals isn’t that cute?) is the god you want to know? Or what about children who was killed by bears because they mocked prophet and he cursed them (yeah, in the name of lord)? They were children. Children mock and make fun of everybody. Sure it’s not the reason to brutally kill ’em. 42 kids were mauled by bears only because they called that dude baldhead. What if it was your son among them? And killing firstborns? O, that is so godly. Yes, please tell the world about that. We ready to listen. Even nazi could torture people for only limited period of time. God promise to do that forever. Not because you were a bad person but just because you didn’t believe in this god or worshiped another.
      And of course you know nothing of heaven. Because, while those dudes could trump up something about eternal suffering they never could figure out what the hell we will do in heaven (pun intended). Thus glass in obscurity… and a dim reflection as in a mirror.

  • Trevino_anastasia

    I have been going to a non-denominational church for a few
    years now, although in the beginning I would attend church on Sunday to help me
    feel good about issues I had during the week prior (like a counseling session).
    I would never attend any ministries nor did I even read the bible throughout
    the week. Just a few months ago, I questioned myself why I’m I playing church.
    That is when I had a change of heart. Not only did I start attending ministries
    but I begin to read my bible. If you know me, you would know my life has
    changed. I am not going to lie I’m not completely where I’m supposed to be. I
    still have a temper, curse sometimes etc. But I know there is a God, there has
    to be! This world can’t be based on science alone. God invented science! Everything
    is to perfect, like the uniqueness of human beings, how not one person looks
    exactly the same. It doesn’t make sense to me the claim we were brought about
    from nothing. I can’t tell say I know everything in the bible because I am
    still learning and studying but God has proven to me he existence, for example the
    power of prayer.  People can’t say it’s a
    coincidence, in some cases it might seem that way, like when praying for
    sickness “God heal _____ of their cold.” And that individual is treated with
    medication and no longer has a cold. (coincidence or God) but in other cases,
    from my own experience my mom has been a drug addict  for 30yrs+, I can’t recall how many times I
    cried and begged God to help her. My mom has never been clean before but I can
    proudly say my mom has overcome her addiction and has been clean for a yr. That
    is not a coincidence that was simply the work of God! It’s really funny to me
    when people argue that Christians shouldn’t get involved when it comes to the
    government. Really? Have you not studied the constitution? Some of the amendments
    are from the bible and how the court system works also comes from the bible. If
    you have heard or been to my church the Rock in point Loma, CA then you knows
    we don’t judge anyone regardless of their belief or situation. Our church is
    open to everyone and anyone. So we r defiantly very open minded. I pray that
    one day everyone will realize that God is true and with him only will we enter
    heaven. Till then I will continue to pray for all who do not believe today.
    Well my thoughts come to an end for now. I want to apologize for my random
    comments and thoughts but I just needed to put it out there, thanks.

    • http://www.holyblasphemy.net Derek Murphy

      Thanks for your comment. It’s awesome that you’re doing so well in your life. I do believe Christianity can be a positive force; it gives you the confidence and a moral framework to be pretty happy and fulfill your goals. I admit I was a happier person, full of love, when I was Christian, and now I’m a little more selfish and cynical. None of which has anything to do with God, in my opinion, but in the psychological motivations of religious organization in general and Christianity in particular. You’ll notice I never say on this website “religion is stupid” or that people should give it up. However, I will point out that in my experience and research, demonic possession only happens to religious people – that atheists NEVER get possessed. So exorcism is a subset of Christianity that acts as an internal proof system, a disease which can only be cured by priests, but which only afflicts the faithful (when I was Christian, I heard demonic voices, and saw things that weren’t there; my belief physically altered my sensory experiences.

      As for your politics, I’ll point out that the constitution was written pretty well the first time and the amendments were later written in to “fix” things for the religious majority. The original writers of the constitution were scandalously anti-Christian; Franklin and Jefferson in particular.

    • http://www.holyblasphemy.net Derek Murphy

      Thanks for your comments. I’m happy you’re happy. The goal of life, I think, is to be as happy as you can be and make others as happy as they can be (preferably helping others first, I suppose). If faith in God/Christianity helped you and your mom with drug and alcohol problems, that’s great. Religion offers powerful motivating factors for self-improvement that can work when all else fails. I might even go as far as to say that religion is the best-ever system for making people make healthy choices. I know that some people, without religion, couldn’t handle life and would wallow in depression and addition until they die. So I’m not against people who believe. And yes, Christians can be involved in government, when they are protecting their own rights to practice their own religion, such as, for example, the right NOT to get an abortion if they want to. But when Christians try to make national mandates that force choices on everyone else, they are severely overstepping a dangerous boundary. If Christians cannot practice without forcing behavior modification on everyone else, then their own rights and freedoms must likewise be stripped from them. They can’t handle the responsibility of government.

      I also think it’s great that you don’t judge anyone, but I’m willing to bet that you believe God judges non-believers, and punishes them (or allows them to go, even though it pains him) to Hell, for ever. This casual acceptance of an evil tyrannical God is abhorrent to me. I guess I am not open-minded – I don’t believe in that God.

  • Areyep

    Excellent! Someone who thinks much as I do. You are open minded my friend and I applaud your willingness to share your views!

  • Nevy

    I have only just come across this page and notice that the comments are from 3 years ago, so you’ll probably never see this. I’m a Christian and I tend to agree with just about everything you say. Anyone who believes because someone has convinced them that God is real is a fool. better to use reason like you have done, and make the mistake of believing God doesn’t exist. Far from being a mere idea, or an unfounded philosophy, or a blind belief, faith is a living encounter with the living God. It is not an intellectual process to be analysed and reasoned, it is an experience to be immersed in. And this encounter with God, for those who have experienced it, is the summit of their existence, and their life’s highest goal. Only if you have personally met God should you become a non-atheist.