Who would God vote for?

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I just watched Barack Obama’s 30 minute infomercial and I find myself wondering – who will Christians vote for? What’s the ‘Christian’ thing to do?

Obama wants to take care of everybody, end poverty, improve health care and education, and end the war in Iraq. Needless to say he’s got my vote, but then I had McCain pegged for an evil little weasel when I first saw him, and I’m good at reading people. However, Obama is very liberal and pro-choice. Therefore, he’s being called a ‘baby-killer’ by Christians. On Yahoo! answers, someone asked “Will Christians vote for someone who divorced their first wife and who gambles?” (ie, McCain) and many people replied, “better than a baby-killer”.

In addition, of course, McCain is white. I’d forgotten about the racial element until recently my Taiwanese friend told me she’d vote McCain just because she couldn’t see a black man as president. Not to be judgmental, but when I picture the fundamentalist Christians out there somewhere who are anti-abortion, I couldn’t help grouping them together with racists. How could you be so angry, so intolerant, without setting up racial barriers as well? But I know that actually the line is very wavy. There are liberal, democratic Christians as well who are probably not racist.

The reason I asked the question, actually, was that in the pretty decent infomercial (about which McCain warns “Buyer Beware – Infomercial products don’t ever live up to the hype”) it was said that Obama read one of his daughters all the Harry Potter books. That got my attention. If there were any unconvinced Christians out there, the admission to reading all those demonic, witch-craft books seems like a bad move to me. I would have left it out. No reason to alienate any, and Harry Potter is still very controversial. Or is that my imagination?

Who would God vote for? Honestly – God doesn’t care what we do with our time here. However, since I believe we have the power to make positive changes, and the USA desperately, desperately needs change; I say Obama. Unfortunately, I’m a cynic. I don’t trust the voting process, I don’t trust the voting machines or the democratic process… therefore I’m afraid that McCain will win anyway, which would suck for Americans.

What do you think? Who are you voting for?