Magic Money

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When I was a teenager I read a book on prosperity –Jonathan Livingston Seagull – that recommended giving things away as a test to see how fast they would come back to you. I.e., give away some money and wait for it to come back.

That night I went into a restaurant and told the lady – “I want to try an experiment. I’m going to give you this five dollars, so that the next two people who walk in the door can eat free pie. OK? Just tell them someone wanted to buy them pie.”

Then I walked across the street to blockbuster. I tried to rent two movies, but at the counter they told me they’d already shut down the register. After some deliberation, they decided I’d just have to take the movies for free and bring them back the next day. The value of the movies was just over $5.

Similar experiments have met with similar results.  Although I’ve also known this works, and try it out sometimes, I’ve never made it a habit (unfortunately). However, a while ago I was worried about money; launching a business and not making many sales. I decided I needed to show the universe that I was willing to give. So I donated $100 to the world food program, and decided to give 10% of the profit of my business to them as well. Then I went out to a Halloween party, and won 2nd place for the costume competition. How much did I win? Just over $100. I’m not kidding you. Spooky, eh?

This is an easy thing to do – it works great especially if you’ve got money trouble or are worried about money or frustrated because you can’t buy the new laptop or MP3 player you want. Take something you can afford to give, even $20, and just give it away! No strings attached. Even if you don’t see a miraculous return on your money right away, you’ll feel better. Only $10 will feed and educate a child for 3 months!