Xmen are antichrists, fighting against God’s apocalypse

My thesis is about revolution, even (and/or especially) when it’s revolution against God (as in Milton’s Paradise Lost.) So I was interested in Xmen Apocalypse, because it deals very specifically with themes I’ve written about before.

Specifically, if God comes to end the world, as he’s promised to in Revelations, and someone stands up against him to save mankind, as the antichrist is supposed to, the antichrist will be heroic.

According to Christianity, the antichrist will fail,  but that just makes him a tragic hero, humanity’s last desperate attempt to thwart its own destruction.

This might sound blasphemous, but personally, I like my life, the world, and lots of other people. We might destroy ourselves, but if God decides to destroy us (like he did once before in the flood, then promised not to), I don’t think we should take it lying down.

So in Xmen Apocalypse, we have, basically, a god who has been asleep for a long time.

He wakes up and says he IS the god of the Old Testament, the god of the egyptians, but also the same god talked about in the Bible. He’s the same god who is going to return with his four horsemen and end the world. He wakes up and says, humanity has lost its way, let’s wipe them out and start clean.

The Xmen gang up on him and destroy him.

Deicide: killing a god.

There have been plenty of other god-killers recently.

Clash of the Titans, Percy Jackson, Kratos from God of War.

It’s a sign of our liberal, religiously disinclined contemporary society, that we treasure revolutionary heroes that refuse to bow and scrape to omnipotent forces. We love seeing gods get killed. Except when they’re our God.

If you saw Xmen Apocalypse and liked it, you probably didn’t think to much about this issue, that they were killing god, maybe even your god.

It’s something you should think about.

Are Xmen heroes, for saving humanity?

The god in Xmen Apocalypse gathers disciples, gives them powers, but then chastises them for betraying him (like Jesus).

If Jesus comes back, gives you powers, and asks you to help him murder everyone and destroy the world, will you? (You may think this is facetious, but go read Revelations. I’m not making this up. Jesus will come back on a flying horse with swords coming out of his mouth and fiery eyeballs, and he will defeat the armies of men and pour torments on humanity). There is no way to interpret the text to say that Satan, or the Antichrist, causes these things to happen.