Who was the Historical Jesus? Did Jesus really exist? An Introduction to Christ Myth Theory

Much of the material on this website concerns my continuing research into Christian traditions and the historical Jesus Christ: who was Jesus, really? Is there any evidence for his existence? What started the Christian movement? Although the debate continues, and it is impossible to “prove” that Jesus never existed, it is fair to say that the vast majority of both Christians and non-believers alike have a picture of Christian beginnings which has no basis in fact, and are grossly under-educated in regards to the true state of circumstance that fed into the development of the Christian movement.

If you’re curious about who Jesus “really was”, how he is related to the tradition of Christianity, and whether it is possible that Jesus was partially or fully mythical, please check out the following 15 part series on the Mythical Jesus Christ (which for simplicity I’ve also made into a PDF). It’s designed as an introduction to “Christ Myth Theory” and addresses some of the criticisms against my earlier book, Dead Little Fish: The Accidental History of Jesus Christ, which I’m also now giving away for free.

Below you’ll also find links to some of my more recent articles as well, much of which was background for my latest book, Jesus Potter Harry Christ.

To Recap: If you’re looking for a quick, easy guide to “get your feet wet” – grab Dead Little Fish. If you want the most exhaustive, fascinating argument against the historical Jesus Christ ever written, get your hands on Jesus Potter Harry Christ (click here to download the first four chapters for free).

The following web articles – a 15 part series – were the evolutionary step between them.

An Introduction to Christ-Myth Theory

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The Historical Jesus: An Introduction to Christ Myth Theory

You should also check out the very long post “Who was the historical Jesus and Why does he matter?”.

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Popular Articles about the Historical-Mythical Jesus Christ

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